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I really like Connie Springer.
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GoT In A Nutshell sur We Heart It.

For the past four seasons, Harington has played the brooding bastard son of a dead lord who has been exiled to the frozen North with nothing more than his hair, his sword and pioneering oral-pleasure skills as survival tools.
Rolling Stone article on Kit Harington I’m crying (via exghoulfriend) ←


one of my favorite simpsons quotes


Levi’s New Squad

My hand ;___; , I still really like pictures with people piling on each other, or hanging, and i really like how connie is just hanging by his jacket. anyway, 

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100 mother fuckers can’t tell him nothin’. 

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Chapter 3 has appeared, wherein Marco is quickly learning that anything to do with Jean seems to be one step forward and eight steps back.

Jean’s face has darkened considerably, Marco notes with disappointment, watching as the other man clicks the button for his microphone and hisses “Yeah I can hear you, dickhead.”




So I heard one that’s sort of a horror story.

Apparently the main hotel that ACEN takes place at, the Hyatt, used to have a glass staircase leading from the ground floor to the “main” floor lobby. (since then it’s been replaced by frosted glass)

Well, as you can expect, a group of pervs busted out their cameras, stood underneath the stairway and snapped photos as women walked up the stairs.

The ACEN staff became wise to this and recruited the help of one con-goer who goes by the name “Sailor Bubba”.

Sailor Bubba is, apparently, exactly what his name implies. He’s a very large… oh shit, I just google searched him. Pic related.

This is bubba.

Apparently he approaches wearing a sailor skirt the same way the scots approach wearing a kilt.

So, the ACEN staff had him pace up and down the stairs.

As the story goes, the photographers dispersed shortly thereafter.

-medfag !BqcQeeA4HA

Gods Bless Sailor Bubba




i took the liberty of translating the new snk ova for u guys. my japanese is a little rusty but what can u do. you’re welcome ¯\(◡‿◡) /¯